Top 10 Must Have Products for 2018

I love things that work well and make my life easier. Here is a list of my must haves for YOU in 2018.

I have bought all of these products and am not being paid for my review. These are just a few of my favorite things.


#1 Thinx Period underwear

Ok this is #1 for a reason. Stick with me here. These are seriously life changing. I love me some menstrual cups but sometimes if your flow is light, you need a backup to your cup/ tampon or you just don’t want to put anything up there, these underwear are the shiznit.

Let me explain what these are. They look and feel just like normal underwear, but get this… they literally absorb your menstrual flow and DONT LEAK! I have worn these during a miscarriage and I experienced no leakage whatsoever, they also leave you feeling dry all day. I purchased the hiphugger style. I own 3 pairs which is plenty for your monthly cycle. You simply wear them for up to 12 hours and then rinse until the water is clear. Then wash with your other clothes in the washer , then hang to dry. That’s it! They last a LONG time. Don’t ask me how they do it, its some magical crap and I love them!

They are a little pricey but if you use the code below you get $10 off your first order and I get $10 off too!

$10 off Thinx


#2 Belli Beauty Skincare System


Surprisingly ALOT of products have harmful chemicals and toxins, even products we put on our face! I love products that are free of all that crap! Soo #2 is a safe skin care system for acne prone skin that has no icky stuff and is completely safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. If you aren’t nursing or pregnant and just want some skin care you don’t have to worry about. This stuff is for you! It smells great and works wonders! I own the Face wash and Acne spot treatment kit and the Face Hydrator.  If you don’t have acne prone skin I would just suggest purchasing the Face wash and moisturizer. They have other products too, like body wash, stretch mark cream and body lotion. I cant wait to try those too!

Here is the link to both the wash and spot treatment kit and the hydrator on Amazon.

Belli Acne Wash and Spot Treatment Set

Belli Facial Hydrator



#3 Karity Eye Shadow Pallette


I used to be an Urban Decay girl all the way but I just jumped ship and decided to try a Karity eyeshadow palette and I’ll never go back!

I bought this Nudes and Rudes palette from their website

These palettes are much cheaper than most high end palettes. And let me tell you, these shadows preform way better than any other eyeshadow I own.

First of all the color is SUPER pigmented! There is little to no fall out (fallout is the excess that falls on your cheek when you apply it) and it stays all day! All the other eyeshadow I’ve tried  ( including the Naked palettes) have an extremely bad fallout compared to this. Did I mention the price ?! $29 for a 21 color palette. They offer free shipping on orders over $35. So I bought the palette and 2 individual eyeshadow colors for $4 a piece to get free shipping. They have brushes as well, which I cant wait to try. Also its cruelty free and vegan. Plus, for every palette you buy they donate a meal to an animal in need with their Palettes for Paws program. How cool is that!?


#4 Shea Moisture EVERYTHING


Ok like I mentioned before I do not want to put anything on my skin that has any weird harmful chemicals in it. Its hard to know if the products we use do, but I found this awesome website here where you can search thousands of products and foods in their search engine and they rate them on a safety scale that’s really easy to understand. They also have a phone app that I use ALOT, its called EWG Healthy Living.

Ok so anyway, Shea Moisture products are one of the safest lines you can find at your local store, and its everywhere. Walmart, Target, Amazon, Walgreens, you name it. I use Shea Moisture for my body lotion, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, face masks ect. For the kids, I use their baby lotion and bubble bath and body wash. Seriously there are so many scents and products and I love all the ones I’ve tried. My very Favorite scent is Olive and Green Tea…the BEST.

Shea Moisture Olive and Green Tea Body Wash


#5 Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo


Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Every mom needs some good dry shampoo in their corner for the days you wake up after getting almost no sleep and the last thing you want to do is wash your hair. Even if you aren’t a mom you need this dry shampoo, its AMAZEBALLS. I have tried a lot of dry shampoos and while this one is a little more expensive than the run of the mill drugstore brands, its well worth the price. It leaves absolutely NO sticky residue in your hair. I mean none. It doesn’t make your hair tangly like some other brands do either. You can easily comb through your hair after applying. It makes my hair look incredible! I will never be without this stuff! This however does contain a few questionable ingredients but 1 out of 10 isn’t bad right?!


( Small side note,  I don’t like using any sprays like this while pregnant, I recommend a dry shampoo paste instead. I use Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste)



#6 American Eagle Highest Rise Jegging




These are the most comfortable, flattering jeggings I have ever worn. When I discovered these I promptly bought 4 pairs. My tummy region is far from a toned 6 pack, so I need a little help to not have a constant muffin top. I’m so glad high waisted jeans are back in style because they really do make my tummy look slimmer! These jeggings are super soft and sooooo comfortable. Did I say that already? I don’t care , they are so comfortable! If you don’t like the idea of spending so much on jeggings they run sales constantly,(I purchased these when they were half off $25, before Christmas!)and they have a pretty cool reward program.

Every $1 spent = 10 points when you get to 2500 points you get $10 off. Buy 5 jeans get 1 pair free, Buy 5 bras get 1 free.


#7 ECOS All Purpose Cleaner




ECOS All Purpose Cleaner

This stuff is awesome. It is free of toxins, petrochemicals, bleach ,ammonia, phosphates,or other harmful ingredients. It cleans so so well and smells amazing! I use it for everything, the highchair, the table, the counters, the door ,the dressers, I mean everything. This stuff is great and you can feel safe using it in your home.




#8 Mrs.Meyers Liquid Hand Soap


Mrs.Meyers Hand Soap Honeysuckle

I love this soap. Its free of harmful chemicals and it smells great. The honeysuckle scent is the one I’ve linked because it is my favorite, but there are many to choose from! My kids and I wash our hands so much during the day the last thing I want to worry about is what weird chemicals are in .98 cent hand soap, so to me it is worth paying $3.50 ish (depending on where you buy it )for peace of mind. It also lasts a really long time. I don’t know about you ,but my kids use way too much soap every time they wash their hands. Even with that factored in, it still lasts awhile in our house. So I keep it stocked under the sink 🙂




#9 Pioneer Woman Set of Mixing Bowls


Pioneer Woman Mixing Bowl Set

These are fabulous.

For years and years I have been too cheap to buy good mixing bowls. Finally last year I got so fed up with cheap plastic bowls that would always break and crack that I finally decided to bite the bullet and get a really nice set. The Pioneer Woman makes it easy because all of her stuff is super cute and easily accessible and affordable. So I bought these nesting mixing bowls at Walmart.

They are great quality and super durable. Super cute and colorful designs. They have a non slip rubber bottom and lids! YES, LIDS. I mix in them, I serve in them and I save leftovers in them. Dishwasher safe but don’t put them in the microwave.


#10 Kate Spade Wallet

My husband bought me the cutest zip around Kate Spade wallet. Its the best wallet I’ve ever owned.

Its so cute and durable but easy to use and holds a lot! The zipper inside for change, works flawlessly. Its easy to clean and keeps my stuff organized with a lot of little slots. Let’s face it Kate Spade is just great. High quality and classic pieces. You can not go wrong with any product from them. I own purses, Jewelry even my phone case. I love it all.

Treat Yo Self! You deserve it!


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