New House Adventures!

Hey All!

Ive been MIA lately because we bought a beautiful new house (And had a baby! Ill talk about her in the next post!).

Our new house has 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms. A room for my husbands office, an art room for me, a laundry room, a pantry, living room, dining room. A room I’m just using kinda for storage and the baby’s changing table right now until I figure out what to do with it haha. A couple enclosed porches also with lots of storage.

We have 7 kids and the home we moved from was a 1 bathroom , 3 bedroom house!! I can not tell you how thrilled I am to have so much more space now!!

This house was built in the 1870 and it was used as 4 apartments at one time! It still had 3 kitchens

when we moved in! It did have 4 before that but one had already been torn out by the time we got it.

My husband is a Contractor/ Carpenter/ and he can literally do anything and everything and he does it extremely well 🙂 So he has been doing the major stuff and I’ve been doing the decorating with lots of help from my mother who has been painting for us!

We have done so much already in the short few months we’ve been here! So many people ask me what we are doing and are curious of the before and after process that I thought Id start a section here documenting all the things we have done so everyone can see!

So lets start with the first project we tackled!

Project #1

The first thing room we did was the room for the 3 little kids.  The older 3 kids each got their own rooms and then there was a HUGE room  upstairs that was a small apartment and easily fits all 3 little ones with plenty of room to run and play!  As the older kids move out we will move the little ones into their own rooms 🙂 Anyway , the apartment room was huge but it wasn’t move in ready for little kids.  It had icky indoor outdoor green carpet and awful wallpaper, a kitchen sink, refrigerator, bed, sectional and table and chairs  !!

It was in no way a kids bedroom. Here are some before pictures:

Pretty ugly, lol. The first thing we did was my husband tore out the kitchen sink and had to re plumb it so that the water lines that were running to it were sealed off. He made a false wall to cover the huge hole that was left. Then he bought some carpet and installed it himself.  Like I said, he does everything! Then we all took the wallpaper down and my mom painted the room gray with white trim 🙂 We did this before we moved in so it would be clean and fresh and safe from the start for them.  Here is how it turned out!

This is the corner that had that big red sectional in it. I took these pictures before I put the curtains and pictures up.




This last picture is where the kitchen and refrigerator were. Such a difference! The kids love their room and I do too!

We are having so much fun renovating our new home!

Stay tuned to the next project we tackled in an upcoming post!


4 thoughts on “New House Adventures!

  1. I am looking forward to seeing what all you and Dan does to make it your home. I really liked what you done to the huge room, studio apartment, upstairs. Do the children use the enclosed porch? Anna

  2. Anna is my cousin. You are doing such a beautiful reno on the house. This home deserves a large family to love it ! Looking forward to updates !

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