Kitchen Remodel

When we first bought this house one of the rooms that made me the most nauseous was the kitchen. It had very bold ivy wallpaper throughout. Take a look:

Notice the wallpaper and flooring in this before picture
It was all the way down the hallway too!

So I knew immediately that I wanted to take care of this area first. We painted the walls white.

Next we painted the cabinets a beautiful cobalt blue.

We also put new tile on the floor.

What a difference it made!

The backsplash was also the ivy wallpaper. I was going to get tile to cover it but I realized the countertops came up the wall and we plan to get new countertops at some point. So for a quick fix I found this great sliver glitter paint! I painted right over the wallpaper! It only took a couple coats and it so so sparkly! I love sparkle !! Check it out!

I absolutely love how it turned out! The kitchen is a place as a mother, that I spend ALOT of time in. I wanted it to be an inviting environment, with colors and textures I enjoy.

Check out the rug 🙂

One of my favorite elements aside from the paint and flooring that I added was the Pioneer Woman rug in front of the sink. It is beautiful and matches perfectly and just makes me happy!

Next up, Our living room!!

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