Bathroom Remodel #1 out of 4

Our beautiful house was once 4 apartments!! When we moved in we took out the extra kitchens but we were thrilled to have 4 bathrooms!! 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs. With 9 people in the house 4 bathrooms are nice to have!

When we first moved in our daughter Janae was showering in one of the upstairs bathrooms and I was downstairs, I heard what sounded like a waterfall in the pantry. I went to investigate and there was water pouring out of the exhaust fan that is located in the downstairs pantry! I ran as fast as I could upstairs and yelled at Janae to turn off the water. Poor Janae had to turn off the water mid shower, and I may have scared her a little haha.

Needless to say that was not the bathroom we were going to redo first but it got bumped up to the top of the list.

Here is the BEFORE picture

Not too bad, but the fact that all the plumbing needed redone was reason to redo it all and make it just what we wanted! Its located right next to the little kids’ room and we wanted to be able to give them their baths in there so they could go right to their room to get dressed. Much more convenient than the way we were doing it where they take their baths downstairs and go upstairs afterwards.

So began the demolition and repair!

My husband tore everything including the tub out. He redid the plumbing so that there was no leaking.

After that it was time to start the walls!

After that my wonderful mom came and painted the exposed walls a muted yellow! This is the kids’ bathroom and we wanted it to be colorful and bright for them!

Once the tiling was finished we took out the old vanity and medicine cabinet mirror. And the old floor. My husband installed new flooring and a new vanity, mirror and light!

I love this vanity because it has 3 big drawers! Take a look at how I use them!

I love the storage!!

Moving on, here’s a helpful tip: I used command Velcro strips to hang cute little paintings I made on to the tile wall! The Velcro is so strong and the 3M strips stick to anything! The best part? You can hang a picture without making holes in the wall!

Take a look!

Cool right!?

Now, Here’s a look behind the adorable shower curtain at the finished tub! My husband had the greatest idea to install a holder halfway down the wall for the shower head so the small kids can have a kid sized shower! It can moved up higher for adults!

Love this shower curtain and rug! Target for the win!

I love how the niche turned out!! My husband is so talented!

There is even more storage in this bathroom!! A nice huge closet that my husband added shelves to that match the flooring ! Check it out!

I love all the storage!!

This bathroom remodel turned out exactly how I envisioned it ! I couldn’t be happier with it! The kids love it too!

They were so excited they wanted to get right in the new tub! haha

1 Bathroom completely done, 3 more to go! Stay tuned! The teenage girls bathroom is next!

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